Welcome to Box Brothers Lomita

My name is David Collins. Owner and operator of Box brothers Lomita.

I am 51 years young and have over 23 years of experience in the packaging, shipping and moving industry.


Box Brothers Lomita is family owned and operated, serving Lomita and the surrounding city's for over 20 years. Supplying Lomita's residents and businesses with boxes,

expert packaging and shipping services.  


I take pride in my work, and in how I deal with my customers. I come from the old adage of, "I treat people the way 'I' want to be treated.

The more I get around, the more I feel that good customer service seems to be fading away in a lot of businesses. feeling your being ignored or bothering the person who is attending to you, seems to grow more everyday. 


Not at Box Brothers Lomita! I will give you my fullest attention, and help you out in every way possible.

I will suggest the best possible box to fit your needs, not the most expensive one. 

I will direct you on the best way to pack something when you're doing it yourself, and will suggest the best sizes when shipping, so you're not hit hard by 'oversize' or heavy increased, 'dimensional weight' expenses

This is Box Brothers Lomita!

Welcome to quality service!



I was featured on a podcast.

Box Brothers Lomita by Southbay business owners untold story • A podcast on Anchor

Gil Sanchez Owner of GKG - Gil's Kick Boxing Gym ( - Also hosts a podcast highlighting Small Business's and their owners.
A wonderful, non-self serving service he provides to shine a light on small business's. He is a true gentleman who cares about his community.
For the 3rd episode, I was in his spotlight.
The link is listed below.


I talk with owner David Collins about his local business that offers a service we all use.

Photo Gallery of Pack Jobs

Doll Houses in Container.JPG
Horn - 2.JPG
Horn - 1.JPG
Bubble Horn.JPG
Box Horn.JPG

Gold Platted Trumpet.

Bubble with 2" Foam pack 

Multiple Doll Houses

Bubble wrapped and placed in

container for freight shipping.

(Filler was added) 

Multi- Doll houses.JPG
Another freight out the door.
Don's Freight.JPG
3D Picture 1.JPG
3D Picture 2.JPG
3D Picture 3.JPG
3D Picture 4.JPG
3D Picture 5.JPG
3D Picture 6.JPG
3D Picture. Packed and Crated.
Another Pallet Freight going out
Pallet Freight .jpg
Rocking Chair Pack Job
Items: Adult and child's rocking chairs & items.
1) Bubble wrap all pieces & consolidate chairs & items.
2) Generalize a box (36 cube) to fit items.
3) Foam line box for extra protection - Foam Crate.
4) Set items in & fill up w/ foam popcorn for stability.
5) Cap it off & Finalize product.
Generallized Box (2).JPG
Generallized Box (1).JPG
Items in foam-lined box.JPG
popcorn filled and sealing up.JPG
Final Product.JPG