Moving Boxes

With over 20 different industry standard sizes,
I'll have the box to fit your needs.
5 most popular moving boxes
Small (book) box - 1.5cf - For items after accumulation become heavy.
Medium - 3.0cf - All purpose box. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.
Large - 4.5cf - Clothes, linens, sheets, blankets.
H/D Large - 5.0cf - (Also known as a H/D Dish Pack) Good for                        speakers, electrical equipment, heavy Items.
Extra Large Square - 6.0cf - Bulky items, comforters, pillows.


Specialized Boxes



(*) Not carried in store. But can order.

Picture Boxes


With 6 different size picture boxes & the ability to telescope, I have a box to fit almost every size picture &/or mirror. 

Stock Boxes

I have over 70 different stock box sizes in house.

Cubes, rectangles, short & Tall. Ranging from very small to very large


1000's of other sizes can be ordered. In bundles only.

Miscellaneous Items

Record & CD mailers, Wine Shippers, Poly & Padded Mailers

Packaging Supplies

With over 40 different Packaging Material options,

I have something for every need.


(*) All rolls are perforated every 12"