In-Store Packaging Service

With over 23 years in the business, you can imagine I have packed & shipped just about everything.

From small items: nick-knacks, clothes, dishes &/or glasses, records, etc...

To medium sized items: Computers, chairs, guitars, lamps, end-tables, etc... 

To large items: Flat screen TV's, rocking chairs, grandfather clocks, etc... 


From low end, low value photos, pictures, electronics.

To high end, high value paintings, statues, art pieces & Computers. 

You name it, I have probably packed & shipped it. 



I offer 3 different in-store packaging options for your item's &/or product needs.


Popcorn Pack.....................................Bubble Wrap Pack........................................2" Foam Pack.

Depending on the fragility, weight, emotional or monetary value of your item &/or product, I have a packaging option that's right for you. 


Popcorn Pack

The popcorn pack is your basic pack. 

Popcorn is more of a filler,

not a protector!

Popcorn dose break down. 


It is best for non-fragile, low value, light weight items.


Bubble Wrap Pack

The bubble wrap pack is your Standard pack.

Bubble wrap is more of a protector & is used in conjunction with popcorn. Bubble wrap will not break down, but will crush down under very heavy items.


It is best for semi-fragile, mid value & moderate weight items.  


2" Foam Pack

The 2" foam pack is your premium pack.

2" foam is your maximum protection within cardboard housing. It will not break down, absorbs shock, and will not crush under very heavy items.


This pack exceeds UPS & Fed-Ex packaging standards for claims of damage, making it the only one out of the three pack jobs that will be honored by UPS or Fed-Ex, if a claim of damage is submitted.


It also acts as a cooler when shipping frozen or perishable foods. 


It is best for very fragile, high value & heavy items. 



Crating Service 

Crates are a specialty item. And are used for Absolute, Ultimate protection. Their aren't any "standard" crates. Crates come in all different sizes, explicitly made to fit the item(s) going inside. I have a dedicated source, who makes crates specifically for me,  according to my dimensions. (Crates are not made on the premises.)


Crates are made primarily off the inside dimensions, and come in one of two ways. (1) Naked (Wooden crate only) or (2) 1" foam lined. ie: If you order a crate w/1" foam, with the inside dimensions of 36x36x28, the ordered crate will be 38x38x30. Once the 1" foam is inserted, then the inside dimensions of the crate will be 36x36x28.


All my crates come with 'skid bottoms' (For pallet jack use.) and the designation of loading can be determined by the customer. ie: Top load, side load, front or back load. (The designated panel, (load option) can be removed.) 

Note: All crates go off of YOUR dimensional approval, and need to be paid in full, prior to ordering. Their are no refunds, returns or exchanges. 



I also have D & E containers. Super strong cardboard boxes (containers) that can be palletized

D- Container: Inside dimensions- 58" x 41" x 45". Comes in 5 pieces, a top & a bottom, three sides (one piece,),                                                the fourth side and a pallet. (Strapping not included.) It has a 1200 lb. top load strength. (Not carried in                                      store.) 

E-Container: Inside dimensions - 411/2" x 281/4" x 25". Comes as 1 piece. Has a 600 lb. top load strength. (Box Only)

Shipping Services

I ship with all the major carriers and have a daily pick up for each.

UPS  /  Fed-Ex ground & ExpressUSPS 



Daily UPS Pick-ups

Daily Fed-Ex Ground & Fed-Ex Express Pick-ups

Daily USPS Pick-ups

Freight Shipping Service

I also have Freight service. For those items that are to big for UPS, Fed-Ex or USPS.

ie: Most crates and All pallets have to go freight.


Using the major carriers such as: Saia, Estes, Daylight, XPO, YRC, Roadway and more....